A North American Auto Brand Targets Auto-intenders Around Car Dealer Locations

Campaign Objective

A major North American auto brand wanted to reach a specific segment of the auto-intender audience by targeting specific device ID’s sourced into two categories: “Polk” and “Handraisers”. The goal was to drive brand awareness around a number of new car models and leasing information.


Placecast used its robust set of POI data to target around 4,000 auto-dealers in the auto brand’s top 50 DMAs, including competitors.

User Experience

Consumers found within geofences around the dealers were delivered an ad. 45 variations of the rich media ad were created for the various car models, including leasing information. On-click, users were led to a detailed mobile landing pages

Ad performance

The campaign resulted in high CTRs of over 1% for the brand’s own dealer locations, as well as for its top competitor auto brands.

The performance by day showed the highest numbers on Wednesdays, and performance by app category showed that navigation apps performed the highest for this campaign.