A Motor Oil Brand Drives Promotions to Commuters via Mobile Ads

Campaign Objective

Opera Media partnered with Placecast to run a location-based mobile ad campaign for a large national motor oil brand, to drive sales at gas stations that distributed that brand oil nationwide.


Placecast set up geofences around these gas stations all across the U.S. Geofences were set at a 5-10 mile radius.

User Experience

As consumers were located within these geofences, they were delivered a 320x50 in-app mobile banner promoting $10 off their next oil change. On-click, users were able to save the mobile offer coupon to the Passbook app on their iPhones. With Passbook, users can not only manage offers on their phones, but also receive location-based reminders when they are near a participating location, significantly increasing the likelihood of redemption.

Ad performance

The campaign ran for over 2 months. Using strict day-parting and optimizing relevant app channels that target areas with large commuter populations, Placecast delivered a peak daily click-through-rate of over 2%.