A major CPG brand Uses Summer Heat to Drive Ice Cream Lovers to Target Stores, with a Promotional Offer

Campaign Objective

A major CPG company wanted to increase awareness for its ice cream brands and drive foot traffic to Target store locations, encouraging consumers to purchase ice cream with a special ‘buy 3 get 1’ free deal.


Placecast created 5 mile geofences around Target store locations nationwide. Using weather targeting, the campaign was set to only run at Target store locations where the forecast predicted sunny weather and temperatures of over 70°C.

User Experience

Users were delivered a 320x50 in-app mobile banner ad with the promotional “buy 3 get 1 free” deal for 3 different ice cream brands. On click, users were led to a mobile optimized landing page where they could download different mobile coupons for the offer.

Ad performance

The campaign ran for the month of August, targeting the end of summer. The highest performing location delivered click-through-rates of over 5.8%. The top performing day for this campaign was Sunday.