Electrolux Uses Location-Based Mobile Ads to Drive Store Visits to its Dealer Locations

Campaign Objective

The goal of this campaign was to drive store visits and sales for Frigidaire Professional dealers by deploying customized location-based mobile ads.


Frigidaire professional caters to professional aspirers that are heavy-duty users of professional kitchen equipment. These consumers are mostly female between the ages of 30-50, with over $100k in household income that live in suburban areas with at least one child. Placecast used optimization algorithms to target media that skewed high for such criteria. Over 200 dealer locations were targeted across the U.S. for the ideal audiences nearby.

User Experience

Placecast created a fully immersive rich media expandable ad experience. Users were able to click on a banner ad that expanded to a full-screen ad featuring a teaser product video, information on pricing, and click through links to shop now or find a dealer location. The ad unit also featured map with the address of the top nearest dealers. On click, users were led to a dedicated landing page for the specific Frigidaire dealer with financing offers, and a map with step-by-step directions to that dealer store.

Ad performance

Placecast was able to track and measure all the different interactions and engagement within the rich media ad unit, and provide Electrolux with breakdown of creative engagement by dealer location (impressions, expansions, video views, store locator use, shop now, etc.)

Placecast also provided Electrolux with a Location Visitation Study, measuring the lift in visitation to the dealer stores between a sample of users exposed to the ad, compared with a control samples of users not exposed to the ad campaign. The analysis also measured visitation behavior tied to time, place, OS and audience segments. These insights were provided weekly, and the reports showed which dealer locations drove the most engagement and why.

"This mobile campaign gave us the ability to measure our efforts on a store by store basis. These valuable, hyper-local insights have been shared with our customers and enabled us to better optimize our advertising plans moving forward. More targeted marketing on a local level equates to stronger ROI for us, and our dealer partners."

Laura Woodford, Sr. Trade Marketing Manager (Electrolux Major Appliances)

Location Visitation study - Insights

  • Consumers exposed to the campaign visited at a rate of 0.06%, while Consumers that were exposed to the ad were 3.4x more likely to visit a store than those that were not exposed.

  • The top 5 audience segments that visited the dealer stores were Mobile Moms, Pet Owners, Working professionals, Casual Diners and Active Lifestyle consumers. These segments were highly in-line with the target audiences of the campaign.

  • Fashionistas and Active Consumers that were exposed to the ad had the highest store visit lift, and were measured as 2.6x more likely to visit the store vs. people not exposed to the ad.

  • Hair and beauty salons, grocery stores and department stores ranked as the top places visited before visiting a dealer store.

  • 58% of measured store visits occurred after 4+ days of viewing the ad.

  • Top performing apps were social, games, news and reference apps.

  • Most visits occurred on the weekends, with Sunday being the most efficient day in terms of impressions to visits.