A home improvement retailer reaches nearby tradesmen with mobile ads

Campaign Objective

One of the biggest home improvement retailers in the UK wanted to drive foot traffic to specialized trade counters inside of its retail stores.


Placecast geofenced several of these home improvement retail stores across U.K. The campaign targeted tradesmen found within 15 miles of the retail location, with prescribed campaign delivery targets for each store location.

User Experience

When found within a geofence, tradesmen saw a 320x50 in-app mobile banner ad promoting the specialized trade counters at these retail locations. The banners also displayed dynamic location of the nearest store, including the distance. On-click users were able to navigate to that nearest store.

Ad performance

The home improvement store brand saw significant foot traffic driven to the targeted locations as well as a very efficient mobile buy. PlaceAd’s location-based campaign optimization algorithms drove a 70% increase in CTR percentage during the campaign.