Potbelly Targets Lunch-goers Around its Restaurants with Mobile Ads

Campaign Objective

Potbelly is a publicly traded restaurant chain that sells sub sandwiches in the U.S. Their objective was to promote their new flatbread sandwiches to consumers around their store locations during lunch hours.


Placecast set up 5 mile geofences around Potbelly locations in Illinois, Texas, D.C., Virginia, Maryland and Indiana.

User Experience

As consumers were location within these geofences, they were served a 320x50 in-app mobile banner ad promoting the new 'Flats". The banners also displayed the distance to the nearest Potbelly store location, in miles.

Ad performance

Placecast used day parting to optimize the campaign during lunch hours. The campaign resulted in OVER 1% CLICK-THROUGH RATES, and performed the highest on Sundays.