Placecast’s Data Management Platform unlocks location data to create audience segments for effective mobile advertising.

Placecast was founded on the principle that location and time are powerful signals for understanding interest and intent on mobile. Placecast is an enterprise mobile DMP with deep expertise in location that delivers robust mobile audience segments for ad targeting. The platform aggregates location data with over a hundred other data sources, to build data-rich audience segments that can be targeted on mobile through Placecast’s demand side platform.

The mobile DMP can be used as a stand alone service to build data rich audiences, or combined with our mobile Demand Side Platform (DSP) to execute mobile ad campaigns. We leverage a combination of first, second and third-party data sources to derive high-performing mobile ad segments, and provide analytics and insights about consumer behavior in the real world.

  • Data Ingestion

    Onboard, cleanse and normalize data sets from multiple sources, including POI, mobile device, CRM and specialty data sets to create normalized profiles.

  • Data Normalization

    De-dupe, cleanse and standardize mobile data sets, including patented deterministic and probabilistic ID matching for easy association of other data sets to create normalized mobile user profiles.

  • Audience Segments

    Build audience profiles based on behavioral location rules, and other behavioral device data. Placecast offers both pre-packaged and custom segments for targeting mobile users.

  • Deliver Media

    Proximity targeting and audience targeting; Deliver dynamic creative into mobile commerce and advertising apps.

Enterprise White-label

Placecast platform is an enterprise-grade, white-label solution, designed and deployed for partners who have large first party data assets and unique privacy, reliability, security and scalability requirements.

The platform is designed to conform to the highest standards with regard to data privacy, security and data ownership, including robust data rights management capabilities and consumer privacy functionality. The data adaptor framework enables flexible syndication of data to other platforms in any format.

A Few of Our Clients

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