Placecast Native is a location-based native mobile ad solution that helps advertisers deliver in-app ads that match the look and feel of the publisher app, offering a seamless, non-disruptive user experience.

There is a growing demand for native advertising in the market. With native mobile ads, advertisers can deliver highly relevant and engaging ad content into mobile environment without disrupting the user’s app experience. Placecast Native ads combine the seamless content-driven experience of traditional native ads with the Placecast’s location and audience targeting capabilities, so advertisers can reach specific customer segments at specific locations.

Advertisers are also able to add dynamic elements into the ad itself to customize fields such as the nearest store location, distance, date or time and specific promotion and offer codes. All of these features combined allow advertisers to deliver even more personalized ads that reach the right consumer at the right time and place, guaranteeing maximum impact.

"Native advertising currently accounts for 51.8% of mobile display advertising revenue and is forecasted to generate almost two-thirds (63.2%) of mobile display advertising revenue by 2020, and will amount to $53.4 billion."

IHS Inc.

How it Works

Location-based native mobile ads follow the default visual and functional experience of the app in which the ad is placed. Advertisers create a single set of standard creative assets that are then assembled in real-time as the ad is published into an app experience.

Native ads can take on multiple forms, based on the publisher app, and can be deployed as sponsored content inside of a social media or content feed, as recommendation widgets, as standard ads with native elements, or as promoted listings.

Higher Viewer Engagement

Native ads blend seamlessly into the content that viewer is consuming, without interrupting the natural flow of the app experience, resulting in much higher user engagement than other forms of advertising. According to data from Polar and BI Intelligence, average CTR rates for premium native ads on mobile devices were more than 4X higher than the average CTR of traditional, non-native display ads in the US.

Reusable Content

Advertisers can just create a single set of creative assets that can be automatically re-assembled for multiple apps and native ad formats. Standardization allows advertisers to easily scale ad content across multiple publishers.

Reach More Customers

Native advertising is growing rapidly, and mobile publishers continue to adopt native ads. According to MoPub, the number of apps with native ad inventory increased by 8X in 2015 and BI Intelligence predicts that the total spend on native ads will go up to $13.9 billion by 2017, $17.3 billion by 2017, and $21 billion by 2018. Additionally, the available inventory for native ads is more than four times the amount of interstitial rich media inventory and two times more than video inventory.