Placecast’s Location Verification is the only independent verification product for mobile location data accuracy.

Location Verification leverages data from national carriers to confirm the location accuracy of mobile ads, audiences, and attribution. Now you can verify that your location vendors are delivering what you paid for.

96 percent of marketers consider location data to be important, but 40 percent expressed concern around the quality of location data (MMA 2016 Mobile Ad Buyer Survey). Rightfully so, as initial Location Verification results show at least 25 percent of media spend is wasted; in many cases much more. Of the $16 billion spent this year on targeted mobile ads (BIA/Kelsey, June 2016), approximately $4 billion is squandered. For the first time, with Placecast’s Location Verification, advertisers and media buyers can know what location data to trust in their mobile marketing efforts across any partner or vendor.

How Location Verification Works

Benefits Of Location Verification

  • eliminate waste and fraud Eliminate waste and fraud

  • increase roi Increase ROI

  • choose the best location vendors Choose the best location vendors

Location Truth Set - Powered by Carrier Data

Placecast’s location data truth set comes from databases from national US carriers. Carrier data is a truth set for evaluating the accuracy of location data coming from any source. It is used to weed out bad data (and bad actors) in other data sources.

  • deterministic


    We use a one-to-one record match between carrier data and other data sources to provide deterministic results which are persistent, uncorrupted, and reliable.

  • scale


    Our database includes full background location data for over 100M devices which is multiple times larger than any background app data source.

  • eprivacy


    Location Verification is powered by carrier data in full compliance with privacy regulations and industry standards. No personal data is ever collected or used.

Case Study

  • A national retail store designed a mobile campaign to target consumers within 5 miles of five stores in Florida. The targeting used lat/long data from programmatic bid requests to show an ad with location relevant messaging to consumers within 5 miles of the selected Florida stores.

  • With Placecast’s Location Verification, the brand learned that over 45% of their ads were delivered to consumers outside of the 5 mile geotarget. In fact, a significant percentage of impressions were delivered outside of the state of Florida. The results varied by provider and helped the brand to form an optimization strategy for future marketing efforts.

  • The metrics provided the brand with visibility into media efficiency and insights on how to build better customer engagement with location targeted ads.

case study views: country, state, and store-level
  • Country View

  • State View

  • Store-level View

"By integrating Placecast's verification capability into our AiQ analytics platform, we're able to offer advertisers a level of confidence in location-based advertising which hasn't been previously available. Furthermore, with verified location insights we're one step closer to providing an accurate and comprehensive view of the entire customer journey - both online and offline."

John Goulding

Global Product Director

Media iQ