MEDIA 2.14.18

Ericsson Emodo Beefs Up Its Ad Tech Chops With Placecast Acquisition

On Wednesday, the Swedish networking and telecom company announced its acquisition of Placecast, a combo data management and demand-side platform (DSP) for location data
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MEDIA 1.4.18

TechBytes with Jake Moskowitz, VP, Measurement Solutions, Placecast

Placecast's VP of Measurement Solutions Jake Moskowitz shares insights with Sudipto Zephyr Ghosh on how marketers can utilize location intelligence solutions to increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.
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MEDIA 12.21.17

Year ahead: The top mobile and in-app advertising predictions for 2018

With 2018 just around the corner, we’ve asked some of the mobile advertising industry’s top executives for their predictions for the year ahead. Everything you need to know, from mobile video to programmatic and mCommerce (in alphabetic order).
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MEDIA 11.07.17

Why Carrier Data Is the Key to Unlocking Mobile Verification

Verification is emerging as one of the biggest themes of 2017 in adtech. The next battleground is clearly verifying the data accuracy of the underlying ingredients — namely the quality of data used for targeting and measurement.
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EVENT 10.24.2017

The Next Wave of Verification

Verification is emerging as one of the biggest themes of the year in adtech. Join Jake Moskowitz, VP of Measurement Solutions at Placecast, Kevin McGinnis, CEO of Pinsight Media, and Benjamin Bring, as they present an overview of the next wave of location verification solutions...
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MEDIA 10.15.2017

Pinsight Taps Carrier Data To Verify The Accuracy Of Location-Based Campaigns

Marketers are open to spending on location data, but they lack the proof to show that their efforts are working...
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EVENT 10.18.2017 - 10.19.2017

LBMA Retail Loco

Jake Moskowitz speaks on the panel “Driving Traffic to the Store”...
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MEDIA 8.9.17

Placecast and Sprint’s Insight Media Finally Bring Verification to Mobile Advertising

The Placecast Location Verification product uses a 'truth set' of location data from Pinsight Media to test the accuracy of location, offering a level of accuracy that cannot be provided by pattern recognition alone.....

MEDIA 8.7.17

Five Bay Area startups to watch this week

Placecast named one of the five Bay Area startups to watch...
San Francisco Chronicle

MEDIA 7.28.2017

Placecast launches new product to verify the location data in mobile ad campaigns

Location data is the “next frontier” when it comes to ad measurement and verification...


Placecast Teams Up With Sprint’s Pinsight Media To Launch The First Independent Location Verification Product For Advertisers

New Location Verification solution leverages carrier data to verify the accuracy of mobile marketing efforts for advertisers and media buyers, eliminating wasteful spend

Press Release
EVENT 6.4.2017 - 6.6.2017

Mobilenomics Summit

Jake Moskowitz presents on the opportunities and challenges of mobile advertising and location data accuracy...
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Placecast Expands Leadership Team with Former Nielsen and Research Now Executives to Strengthen Measurement Solutions for Mobile Advertising

Jake Moskowitz and Maria Domoslawska bring more than 30 years combined experience to lead business development as Placecast prepares for upcoming measurement product ....

Press Release

Placecast Awarded Two Patents in Location Data as Company Also Introduces Placecast Native Ad Product

New offering is one of the first to incorporate location-based data into traditional native advertising to reach only the most relevant consumers

Press Release
MEDIA 10.17.16

Placecast is bringing location intelligence to native advertising to improve relevance and performance.

We also announced two new patents pertaining to "Location data management and targeting"....
Marketing Land


Placecast and Research Now at ESOMAR Congress 2016

Placecast CEO and Research Now Director of Mobile Research Products to share in-depth study on the opportunities of using location data in retail.

Press Release
EVENTS 9.20.16

ESOMAR Congress 2016

Alistair Goodman Presents with Maria Domoslawska from Research Now: The New Norm for Understanding Retail Behavior or Mobile-Centric Consumers
ESOMAR Congress

MEDIA 7.22.16

Facebook and Google are Marching Directly into the Physical World. Carriers Hold the Key to Breaking the Duopoly.

Google & Facebook on track to control ~70% of digital ad spend, mobile carriers have the scale & data to compete....
Mobile Marketing Watch

EVENTS 4.18.16

I-COM Global Summit

Alistair Goodman speaks on: Mobile-location Data for Cross-Media Measurement and Ad Effectiveness
I-COM Global Summit

EVENTS 3.13.16

Retail Loco @ SXSW

Lee Karchawer speaks at a panel on: Measuring Location Based Ad Effectiveness
Retail Loco


Mobsta and Placecast Reveal 3-year Strategic Partnership Deal

Mobsta has entered into an exclusive 3-year license agreement with Placecast....

Press Release
EVENTS 2.17.16

Developer Week

Anne Bezancon speaks on "How to improve your company's culture, product, and bottom line through diversity hiring"...
Developer Week

MEDIA 11.18.15

Tiles, proxies and exact places: Building location audience profiles

What are some of the basic principles of building an audience segment using location data from mobile....
Mobile Marketer

MEDIA 11.13.15

Since Real-World Places Are Dynamic, Geofences Should Be, Too

Good geofencing strategy yields not only benefits for a current mobile campaign, but also a qualified audience for future campaigns....

MEDIA 11.5.15

The Importance of Good POI Data

POI data enables advertisers achieve the Holy Trinity of delivering the right message to the right consumer at the right time...
Mobile Marketer

EVENTS 11.5.15

Mobile First Summit SF

Alistair Goodman, CEO speaks on a panel:"Mobile is AdTech’s Ultimate Frontier"...
M1 Summit

MEDIA 10.23.15

Challenging Misconception in Location Data Science

To run effective ad campaigns, advertisers first need to understand what the precision of location data inventory is and what it means....
Mobile Marketer

MEDIA 6.26.15

Mobile DMPs Nudge Their Way Onto The Ad Tech Scene

"In the next 24 to 36 months, an ubiquitous view of consumers across devices will be possible"...

MEDIA 6.17.15

The Rise of the Mobile Data Management Platform

Alistair Goodman, CEO talks about the rise of the Mobile DMPs, The Holy Grail of Location Data...

EVENTS 6.2.15

Street Fight Summit West 2015

Anne Bezancon speaks on a panel about "Facing the Challenges Inherent in Building Local Companies"...
Street Fight Mag


Placecast rolls out Mobile DMP

Placecast rolls out the first enterprise-grade mobile Data Management Platform as a stand-alone solution...
Press Release
Mobile Marketing Watch

EVENTS 5.21.15

Ad:Tech San Francisco

Elizabeth Pavageau, VP of Ad Soluitons speaks on a panel: "Delivering Greater Shopper Experience through Smarter Conversions"...

MEDIA 4.28.15

Mobile Carriers Must Avoid the 'Dumb-Pipe' Syndrome

Anne Bezanon on "Four Ways Mobile Carriers Can Do Targeted Mobile Ads Right"...

MEDIA 3.30.15

7 Strategies for Growing Online-to-Offline Conversions

Seven strategies that businesses can use to grow online-to-offline conversions...
StreetFight Mag


Placecast Survey Shows Consumers are Engaging with Mobile Payment Services

New study indicates that more than four in five American smartphone owners...
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Alert Shopper V: Trends On Mobile Use This Holiday Season

New study indicates that for those smartphone owners who plan to do holiday shopping, 3 out of 4 will use their phones...
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EVENT 11.14.14

When Code and Culture Clash: The Right to Forget vs. the Right to Remember

Anne Bezancon speaks at the 5th annual Privacy Identity Innovation conference in Silicon Valley ...
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MEDIA 3.10.2014

Your Car Is Following You: Will It Be A 'Data Monster'?

The next-generation car is emerging as the personal big-data creator...

MEDIA 2.14.2014

Deals While You Drive

New location-based technology can deliver similar promotions through the screen on the dashboard of a car...
CBS Miami

MEDIA 11.25.2013

Placecast and Aha by Harman Launch Location-based, In-car Advertising with Quiznos

Radio is great to drive top-of-mind awareness...
New York Times

MEDIA 11.19.2013

Rogers to offer promotional ads by text

A service that will help advertisers know where its wireless subscribers are, and speak to them more directly...
The Globe and Mail

MEDIA 10.02.2013

Placecast claims 1st location-based mobile ad platform

Helping retailers successfully target in the run up to Xmas...
GoMo News


Placecast Unveils PlaceAd

PlaceAd is the first mobile demand-side platform (DSP) to deliver reach for location-based campaigns with dynamic localized ads...
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MEDIA 9.9.2013

How Facebook Could "Go Grande" with Mobile Offers, Gifts, and Payments

There's a "grande" opportunity for Facebook and retailers - the Facebook Card...
The Huffington Post

MEDIA 9.9.2013

Location-Based Marketing Startup Placecast Is Moving Into Mobile AdsWith PlaceAd

PlaceAd, a demand-side platform that connects Placecast’s location technology with mobile ad networks...

MEDIA 9.9.2013

Placecast Launches RTB Platform for Mobile Location Ads

Geofencing' Lets Retailers Offer Deals to Nearby Customers, Fight Price-Shopping...
Mobile Marketer Magazine


Consumer Interest in Mobile Offers Increases 19 Points Since 2009, Providing Promise to Brands and Publishers

New poll shows that many consumers find location-based offers more relevant than traditional coupons...
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Digital Dads Are Mad for Mobile Offers

New poll shows that dads are eagerly embracing the latest tech and marketing innovations, including local mobile offers...
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MEDIA 6.3.2013

Geo-targeting leads luxury consumers to stores, away from competition

Luxury retailers can benefit from using geo-targeting mobile technologies...
Mobile Marketer

MEDIA 4.21.2013

Anne Bezancon on The Right to Be Forgotten

The Right to Be Forgotten, and related topics concerning privacy in the digital age...
Mobile Marketer

PRESS RELEASE 10.18.2012

Placecast Launches 'Card-Linked ShopAlerts', Leveraging Powerful Patent + Geofencing Technology

Card-linked ShopAlerts delivers measurable redemption rates, and solves key pain-point around location data...
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Parents Outpace all other U.S. Adults When it Comes to Embracing Mobile Shopping

Half of U.S. parents own smartphones, compared to one-third of non-parents...
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MEDIA 8.15.2012

What Mobile Payments Can Learn From 'The Newsroom'

Clearly, the mobile wallet winners will be those that create the most value for consumers...
Huffington Post

MEDIA 8.02.2012

The Right To Be Forgotten: Protecting Digital Privacy

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the amount of personal data that companieshave been compiling...


Consumers Trust Amazon Twice as Much with Their Personal Data as They Do Facebook

When it comes to companies dealing with personal consumer data, grocery stores are most trusted of all...
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Placecast Launches First White-label HTML5 Mobile Wallet

First-of-its-kind ShopAlerts Wallet connects marketing and payments to reach broadest base of smartphone consumers...
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MEDIA 6.27.2012

Placecast Cashes in on Mobile Wallet Craze

Placecast is looking to blow up the emerging market with its ShopAlerts Wallet product that credit card companies, mobile carriers and retailers can use for their own mobile wallet....

MEDIA 5.22.2012

Using Placecast to Deliver Geotargeted Marketing Messages

Placecast's ShopAlerts platform to increase user engagement...
OPEN Forum from American Express

MEDIA 5.08.2012

Can Texting Save Stores?

Geofencing' Lets Retailers Offer Deals to Nearby Customers, Fight Price-Shopping...


U.S. Adult Mobile Phone Owners Say Making Purchases via their Device is Important

New study reveals American are eagerly adopting the mobile phone for all aspects of shopping...
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MEDIA 3.17.2012

Why Mobile Operators Are Becoming Mad Men

The characters on AMC's television show Mad Men and the real-life mobile operators of today are pretty much the same...


Introducing ValuText A Free Discount Program Created for You

ValuText, a location- based, mobile marketing service specifically designed to drive sales and productivity...
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PRESS RELEASE 11.28.2011

O2 Launches Location-based Mobile Marketing Service in Ireland, Placecast Providing Geofencing Platform

O2 has become the first operator in Ireland to offer large-scale location-based mobile marketing services...
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Placecast Expands its Geofence Mobile Marketing Platform

ShopAlerts platform can now be integrated within any smartphone app...
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Placecast Unveils ShopAlerts Self-Serve

A B2B Solution that Enables SMBs to Launch Location Based Mobile Campaigns Quickly...
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AT&T Advanced Ad Solutions Launches ShopAlerts by AT&T

A Groundbreaking Location-Based Marketing Service Featuring Special Offers from Leading National Brands...
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PRESS RELEASE 10.25.2010

Placecast partners with White House Black Market

FashionAlerts, A Location-Based Geo-Fence Mobile Marketing program...
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PRESS RELEASE 10.14.2010

O2 launches UK's first location-based mobile marketing

Offers large-scale location-based mobile marketing in the UK...
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Placecast and Location Labs Partner

Deliver ShopAlerts Geo-Fence Marketing Service to over 180 Million Handsets in the US...
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Time-Strapped Parents Take Lead in Mobile Marketing Interest

Parents more likely to be interested in receiving mobile text alerts...
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Tribune Media Services Partners with Placecast on MatchAPI Platform

TMS movie showtimes content available to mobile app developer ecosystem...
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Mobile Marketing Alerts Drives 1/3 of Recipients Into Stores

27 Percent To Make Purchases According to New Survey by Placecast...
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Location Data Sets are up to 40% Incorrect

MatchAPI "Cleans" Data, Attracts More than 200 Major and Independent Location-Based Service Developers in 60 days...
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Placecast's ShopAlerts Picks Up Fifth Award Distinction of the Year

Official Honoree of 2010 Webby Awards...
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1020 Placecast Releases Free "Retail Goes Mobile" Report

Focuses on transformation of trends in mobile marketing, how retailers are using mobile to drive consumers into physical stores...
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Announcing Placecast Match API

A Rosetta Stone for Location-Based Companies to Monetize More Effectively...
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Placecast Secures an Additional $3 Million in Series B Funding

To Expand Its Location-Based Mobile Marketing Service, ShopAlerts...
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1020 Placecast Wins 2010 National Retail Federation Gold Racie Award

Placecast wins for ShopAlerts, an innovative location-based messaging program...
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Placecast Launches ShopAlerts

Location-Based Mobile Marketing Service Designed for Retailers to Drive Foot Traffic into Physical Stores...
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PRESS RELEASE 12.22.2009

Retail Experts Discuss Strategies to Drive Foot Traffic

The webinar highlights several examples, including mobile campaigns with The Weather Channel..
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PRESS RELEASE 10.15.2009

New 1020 Placecast Survey

42% of 18-34 Year-Old Cell Phone Owners Are Interested In Receiving Location Based Advertising Specials...
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Alcatel-Lucent and 1020 Placecast

Deliver Unique Location-Based Mobile Advertising Service to Network Providers and Brands...
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Location-Based Advertising Network

Placecast, Triples Publisher Network to 250 Partners in Six Months and Now Reaches 100 Million Users...
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Location-Based Advertising Network Executives in High Demand

Placecast solidifying it's position as the leader in location-based advertising...
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PRESS RELEASE 22.18.2008 and Placecast Partner

Increase Relevance of Ads with Audience Targeting and Dynamic Messaging...
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Alistair Goodman Joins Placecast as Chief Executive Officer

Former Tribal Fusion Executive to Lead Firm in Broadening its Reach...
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Leading Local Events Website, Eventful, Taps Placecast for Multi-Channel Location-Based Advertising

New location-based ad targeting solution connects advertisers to Evenful...
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Placecast Delivers More Relevant Online Ads Using Real-Time Location Information

New service locates WiFi, Mobile, DSL connection, allowing advertisers to reach consumers anywhere...
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Placecast Elects Online Advertising Industry Leader Rich LeFurgy To Board Of Directors

Rich LeFurgy is the principal at Archer Advisors and the founding chairman of the IAB...
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