Placecast's Store Visit Study is an online-to-offline attribution solution that links digital mobile ad campaigns to store visits and in-store purchases, providing advertisers with a 360-degree view into the ROI of their mobile ad spend.

The Store Visit Study harnesses Placecast unique expertise and technology built around accurate location and audience data management to help advertisers understand the path-to-purchase; advertisers can connect their digital mobile campaigns to their consumers’ offline behavior in the physical world. The study provides real-time performance insights with highly accurate measurement of campaign’s ROI, and gives advertisers the power to determine which of the campaigns are actually driving store visits and purchases in physical stores.

In addition to store visits and attribution, the study provides much deeper insights into the performance of a campaign such as what ad creative performs better, what audience segments are most loyal to a brand, or what specific media is performing the best. These insights also help marketers with streamlining future campaigns that perform better and deliver stronger results.

"This mobile campaign gave us the ability to measure our efforts on a store by store basis. These valuable, hyper-local insights have been shared with our customers and enabled us to better optimize our advertising plans moving forward. More targeted marketing on a local level equates to stronger ROI for us, and our dealer partners."

Laura Woodford, Sr. Trade Marketing Manager (Electrolux Major Appliances)

How it Works

Placecast brings together two sources of data for this analysis: where stores and other places of interest are, and where consumers can be found. The company employs anonymous location data from different sources including mobile apps and carriers, and matches it to place data to create user profiles, currently over 400 million, that are regularly updated over time.

The Store Visit Study measures devices that are exposed to an ad, based on active and passive signals from the device. The location history of that device is then measured against Placecast’s anonymized audience profiles to provide insights into a user’s physical visits to a store post campaign. The analysis also includes an aggregate view of the visit includes information on audience habits, interests, and media usage.

Ad Exposure

User exposed to mobile ad campaign

Physical Interaction

User visits a store location


User data metrics calculated

Performance Data

The Store Visit Study measures overall performance data and insights such as clicks, impressions and engagement, but also provides much deeper insights into the lift in store visits, including the cost per visit. Advertisers can also compare lift in different DMAs, view a list of the top store locations for store visits, or even breakdown data by things like urban vs. suburban.

Audience Insights

With audience insights, advertisers get an elaborate picture of who is actually visiting their stores and making purchases, and how they are behaving in the physical world, prior to making a purchase. Audience insights elaborate on the top POIs visited by the store visitors after viewing the ad, how far they are willing to travel to make a store visit/purchase and things like what day of the week and what time of the day are best for store visits.

Media Insights

In addition to insights about the user, it is important for advertisers to understand the channel and what is working for them on mobile, and what is not. The media insights provide advertisers wit insights on things like what app categories are performing best, and what mobile operating systems and/or devices are driving the most store visits.