Over years of working in the mobile ad space, processing and analyzing location data along with large enterprise datasets, Placecast has developed proprietary technology, business rules, and algorithms to build mobile audience segments.

Creating authentic audience segments requires better understanding of a variety of user attributes, including past behavior, intended behavior, and actions and interactions in the real world, such as app and media usage. Whether a brand is targeting auto enthusiasts, foodies, or sports fans, Placecast is able to identify these users across multiple devices in the physical world.

Placecast leverages its specialized mobile DMP to create audience segments from mobile user data. Using large-scale data sets of device and place data, Placecast creates a behavioral user profiles based on location history. Common associating data points and attributes are then combined to create user personas that are then segmented into different audience segments.

The key to unlocking the value of mobile audiences is in user location data, but this can be hard to obtain and understand at scale. Placecast’s enterprise-grade, white-label DMP solution not only converts large mobile data sets into targeted audience profiles, but also helps brands and advertisers run highly accurate and effective display advertising and marketing campaigns.

Standard Audience Segments

Placecast builds standard mobile audience segments based primarily on location signals and time. Examples of these segments include: Dining (Café visitors, Pizzeria goers), Shopping (Children’s apparel consumers, grocery shoppers), Sports & Recreation (Health Club members, Skiers), etc. Currently Placecast offers 60 standard audience segments.

Premium Audience Segments

Placecast builds premium mobile audience segments using algorithms based on location, demographic, time, engagement metrics, app usage & other behavioral signals. A few examples of our premium segments include: Auto Enthusiasts, Business Travelers, Commuters, Fashionistas, Sports fans, etc. Currently Placecast offers 34 standard audience segments.

Custom Audience Segments

Placecast creates custom client-specific audience mobile audience segments that are based on custom requirements by the client. For example, a mobile ad campaign might require us to target professionals that are at conferences and conventions OR, users who walk by a certain store every morning during weekdays.