How it works

The big picture: What ShopAlerts can do

Placecast has been at this location thing for a while — developing patented technology, creating a best-of-breed solution, and implementing it for world-class brands, operators, and payments companies. As a result, ShopAlerts is quite simply the most robust, scalable, and complete mobile monetization solution available today.

What is mobile offer management?

Mobile offer management optimizes relevance to the user, results for the advertiser, and revenue for the program incorporating real-time location, user preferences, program business rules and advertiser objectives. ShopAlerts does this by leveraging configurable business rules like capping and pacing, technologies like geofencing and dynamic publishing, and optimization algorithms that learn over time. Finally, to maximize the return across the user base, ShopAlerts does all of this across any channel including display media in mobile apps, the web, email, mobile wallets, and SMS/MMS messaging.