Mobile Display Advertising Case Studies

Potbelly Targets Local Lunch-goers with Mobile Ads
Quiznos Caters to Local Customers with Mobile Ads
Airline Gets Creative with Job Postings via Mobile Ads
A Motor Oil Brand Drives Promotions to Commuters
CPG Brand Uses Weather Targeting to Drive Sales
Home Improvement Retailer Targets nearby Tradesmen

Mobile Loyalty Marketing Case Studies

Bulmers and O2 Geofence Pubs
Pizza Hut Delivers Location-based Mobile Offers
The North Face: Summit Signals Program
Mobile Alerts Drive Traffic to Retail Stores
Rogers, From Clicks to Bricks
CPG Brand Uses Mobile to Launch a New Product
Fitness First: Customers Acquisition Program
Got Milk? Got Geofences
Kiehl's Engages Customers with Mobile Alerts
O2 More Alerts

The Alert Shopper Research Series

Mobile Payments, It's Anyone's Game
Trends on Mobile Use this Holiday Season
Trends on Mobile Use this Holiday Season
Digital Dads at the Forefront of Mobile Marketing
With Mobile Shopping, Parents Know Best
Mobile as a Commerce Tool
Consumers and Privacy Data
Consumers and Privacy Data
Consumer Receptivity to Location-based Marketing
Kids Change Everything
Consumer Receptivity to Location-based Marketing

Reports and Webinars

Best Practices in Location-based Text Marketing
ShopAlerts Facts and Figures
Webinar: Behind the Geofences
Webinar: How Mobile Text Alerts and Location affect Consumer Behavior