ShopAlerts is an end-to-end mobile monetization platform that delivers proximity targeted offers to consumers via their mobile phones. ShopAlerts geofence marketing platform is specifically designed to use digital marketing on mobile devices to drive consumers into physical stores. When an opted-in consumer is located inside a geofenced area, they receive an alert message in the form of an SMS, in-app push notification, or an alert into their mobile wallet, from the merchant. There's no app to build for marketers, and no app for consumers to download. ShopAlerts works on any phone, which allows the program to scale.

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What ShopAlerts Offers

Use Dynamic content such as weather and traffic data to tailor content in real-time to specific locations and users

Merchant tools such as self-serve UI, Store-level analytics and User Management

Integrate with existing loyalty and CRM programs to send tailored messages to different shopper segments

Users can share offers with friends and family via social media

Passbook Integration allows offers to sync to users' Apple Passbook

Close the loop by measuring redemption through transaction

Best Practices in Location-based Marketing

Derived from the largest dataset in location marketing

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How ShopAlerts Delivers

Placecast's white-label offer wallet is the first-ever turnkey solution for launching personalized location-based mobile offers, tied to mobile payments in a web-app. The wallet, entirely theme-able to the client's brand look and feel, allows consumers to search for nearby offers, receive push notifications from offers nearby, and redeem the offers using linked payment instruments.

ShopAlerts helps marketers monetize data such as location, user preferences, consumer spend data, or even real-time data such as time, weather and traffic conditions, to deliver targeted mobile marketing campaigns via multiple channels such as SMS, MMS and in-app push notifications. Proximity marketing campaigns not only drive sales and increase ROI for retailers, but also give marketers a better insight into their customers.

ShopAlerts APIs can be integrated into any app, in order to allow consumers to search and discover relevant offers nearby. Offers can be displayed on an interactive map, or as a list in an offer inbox, with dynamic landing pages for each offer.

Location-based mobile offers can be linked to a payment instrument such as a credit or debit card, so that the user simply swipes their card at the store to redeem an offer. For retailers, this not only ensures increased foot traffic and generates additional revenue, but also closes the loop on a campaign, and lets marketers measure redemption via transaction.

From Clicks to Bricks, Rogers Alerts Attracts Mobile Users with Location-Based Offers

Rogers Media worked with Placecast to launch Rogers Alerts: an opt-in, location-based mobile marketing solution to allow brands and retailers to reach wireless customers in real-time, with marketing messages tailored to their location, and their given preferences.

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