Mobile Data Management Platform

Location is at the core of everything that Placecast does, and it all starts with creating and maintaining an accurate model of the real world. Placecast’s Data Management Platform (DMP) cleans, standardizes and de-duplicates location and other data for some of the world's largest enterprises. Today, Placecast manages over 400 million mobile user profiles, tens of millions of merchant records, IDs and addresses, and dozens of spatial and other 3rd party data sets from around the globe.

Placecast’s hosted DMP helps clients maximize the value of their 1st party data by combining it with 2nd and 3rd party data to build highly accurate audience segments that can be targeted for mobile ad campaigns via Placecast’s or another mobile DSP or 3rd party tool.


Applying principles from supply-chain management, Placecast’s lightweight content adaptor framework makes it easy to onboard any dataset. To date, over 130 datasets have been ingested into the DMP from various first, second and third party sources. Here are a few examples:

1st party data sources
Mobile operators, financial institutions, retailer and brand CRM data

2nd party data sources
Private brand match data, exchanges, aggregators and publishers

3rd party data sources
POI, demographics and psychographics, offer aggregation feeds, census and specialty sets such as weather and crime statistics


Our DMP provides UIs and an exception management process for cleaning, normalizing and standardizing large data sets. This includes patented deterministic and probabilistic ID matching for easy association of other data sets. All data is normalized to a common ID scheme with new data updated dynamically. Placecast’s mobile DMP is designed to take the ever-changing location context into consideration based on real-time events like weather and time of day.

This enables our partners to easily match users on different devices such as web, tablet or mobile, providing brands with greater insight into user behavior and interaction across all of their devices, and enabling brands to target these users for multi-screen advertising.


Relevant marketing requires a deeper understanding of each and every consumer as an individual. Based on a person's location history and other data, we can build highly accurate audience segments. To find more targeted audiences, Placecast can also build custom audience segments using multiple data sources and methodologies, such as a combination of behavioral segments and 3rd party data.

Placecast develops anonymized individual user profiles that are then scored and applied to segments. We provide 34 premium mobile segments based on location and user data, and 60 standard segments for targeting mobile users. The platform includes flexible taxonomies and PII to non-PII conversion. Decisioning is based on configurable rules and predictive analytics.