Mobile Demand Side Platform


Based on past user location and behavior data Placecast can create an accurate profile of a user, and create verifiable audience segments for targeting. With Placecast’s DSP, clients can then find the right audiences in the right place at the right time, and deliver relevant ads to consumers by including in real-time the location of the nearest stores, so that the ads are relevant to them when they are in the mindset to make an actual purchase.

We provide 34 premium mobile segments based on location and user data, and 60 standard segments for targeting mobile users, along with the ability for brands to bring their data and build custom mobile segments. Clients can also retarget their most engaged audiences by developing a storyboard ad campaign and delivering a series of ads over time.


With Placecast’s DSP, clients can drive increased engagement by delivering dynamic ads that are customized with real-time data such as nearby location, weather feeds, or traffic data. The ads can also be customized for different audience segments with preferences and past purchase behavior. Ads can be delivered in a variety of formats such as banner, expandable and interstitial ads and host a variety of features including video, Apple Passbook integration and custom landing pages.


Placecast runs campaigns on a completely managed-services basis. Ads are trafficked through a web-based UI that allows campaign experts to manage locations, set-up dynamic creative, manage tags and reconcile delivery numbers for 3rd party services. Campaigns are optimized to performance metrics including placements, geofences sizes, dayparts and targeting parameters using proprietary algorithms that result in increased performance and higher return on investment for clients. We also provide a self-service tool and APIs for agencies and brands that want to manage their own campaigns.


With real-time reporting, clients can garner a deeper insight into their campaigns. The reporting dashboard offers a view of campaign progress via performance, pacing and delivery goals. Clients can also view custom reports that take a closer look into performance based on audience segments, locations, creative or other KPIs such as day of the week, device type or OS for increased campaign intelligence.


Measuring attribution and real-world behavior is an essential component of any campaign. Placecast’s DSP enables brands to measure real-world activity down to the individual store level. As part of any campaign, Placecast looks at ad exposure, interaction and click behavior and correlates whether the ad contributed to a real-world store visit. Data can be included from multiple devices to understand the path-to-purchase. Past campaigns have seen a significant lift in store visit rates post-campaign.

A Few of Our Partners

"Placecast makes running a location-based mobile display campaign easy. Their team helped us with every aspect of the campaign, and the platform effectively delivered my ads to the right target audience near the store."

- Graham Pocialik, Trade Marketing Manager, Electrolux