From managing millions of mobile user profiles and locations for clients, to delivering audience and location-targeted mobile ad campaigns, Placecast is the industry's leading enterprise-grade platform for data management and display advertising.

To date Placecast has been trusted globally by several Fortune 100 companies such as AT&T, Rogers, Visa, O2 Telefonica, and has created over 400 Million unique mobile user profiles utilizing billions of mobile data attributes. Placecast has also run thousands of high-performing mobile ad campaigns for brands such as Starbucks, The North Face, and Jet Blue, etc., enabling them to optimize their media buys by delivering more relevant and personalized mobile experiences to their target audiences.

Placecast's solutions uniquely integrate best-in-class location technology and expert professional services to enable enterprises to monetize their most sensitive data assets - user and location data - with location-based ads and offers on mobile in a privacy-safe way.

Founded in 2005, Placecast is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Atlanta, New York and London. Placecast is backed by CNF Investments, ONSET Ventures, Quatrex Capital, and Voyager Capital.

The Management Team

Anne Bezancon

Founder & President

Alistair Goodman

Chief Executive Officer

Will Peppo

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Parkes

Chief Technology Officer

Todd Touesnard

VP, Product Management

Jake Moskowitz

VP, Measurement Solutions

Maria Domoslawska

VP, Insights

The Board Members

Rich LeFurgy

Bill McAleer

Terry Opdendyk

Joe Del Guercio

Additional board members include Anne Bezancon & Alistair Goodman from the management team. See bios above.